Musiccargo was founded by Gordon Pohl (electronics) and Gerhard Michel (guitar, vocals). The electronic club experience and advanced sequencer programming skills of Gordon Pohl who before that moment performed as a DJ in the club scenes of Europe, came together with the krautrock roots of the musician Gerhard Michel a student of Klaus Dinger, founder of Neu!, La Düsseldorf and drummer on the first Kraftwerk Album. These hand-made krautrock experiences combined with the machine-made computer elements led both protagonists to their style. That happened in Duesseldorf, a city in which electronic music is always something to keep an eye on: KRAFTWERK, PROPAGANDA, NEU!, LA DÜSSELDORF are acts from Düsseldorf that constructed their own new urban "Zeitgeist".

In 2005 the musiccargo debut EP “Der Schmetterling” (the butterfly) directly attracted the attention of the international electronic music scene. In close succession musiccargo songs became part of excellent compilations, such as: Prins thomas - cosmo galactic prism (Eskimo Records) / The dysfunctional family (Kill the DJ) / Box Jams (Clone). Especially “Ich geh den Weg mit dir” fascinated DJs and radio hosts. That title consistently played on a Brooklyn radio station opened the way for the first musiccargo tour alongside the U.S. east coast in 2006. These shows were accompanied by the next musiccargo release: “Ernte 05” (harvest 05) a 12 inch with great remixes by Speculator (NYC) and Noblesse Oblige (London/Berlin). In the very same year the Dutch radio show Rebelbass on 3voor12 elected Ernte 05 to its favourite single (international), whereas another great honour for the group came around when the German pop-icons Propaganda asked them to do a remix of their newest release: “Valley of the machine gods”. During all that time Gordon Pohl and Gerhard Michel presented their electronically–krautrocking live performance to a grateful and steadily growing audience all over Europe, while simultaneously working on the first album: “Hand in Hand” released in June 2009.