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Eminem Breaks Attendance Record: 81,000 Aussie Fans Gather For “Lose Yourself”

E-News: Eminem Breaks Record Attendance For "Lose Yourself"

Eminem Breaks Record Attendance For “Lose Yourself” In Australia With 81,000 Fans Screaming “Lose Yourself”

They call him Eminem, i call him Emiwonder. 🙂

Eminem’s most recent tour was scheduled to take place in Australia and guess what?, it was just lit.

Eminem had been the greatest rapper alive with so many albums released to his credit, in fact he’s just a living legend.

The mega-rapper has been gathering supporters from all walks of life due to his style of music.

Last week, there was actually a little hate-mongering at “Emiwonder”‘s concert at Brisbane. The crowd requested the rapper to perform his diss-track, Killshot but he rejected kindly.

He claimed he doesn’t want to make anyone more famous by trying to throw a shade at them, he subsequently asked the fans to make some noise for themselves and it just apparent the rapper is in no mood for any kind of distraction.

Just after some days, the Detroit born rapper jumps in to Melbourne, the capital of Australia, there he had the grandest concert of 2019 tour for his Rapture album.

There are amazing videos of about 81k fans singing along with Em on his track “Lose Yourself“.

At a time during the concert, Eminem just stood like he’s shocked and didn’t believe the population, he finally agreed and said; “this is the most people I’ve ever seen in one place in my life.”

According to reports, Eminem sold a total of 80,708 tickets for the record for just Melbourne concert, and it took place at the giant Cricket stadium (MCG), and records have it that best attendance was beat by 200 (sold) tickets.

The beaten record from reports are host of artists who gave their singing vocals to a Sound Relief charity event more than ten years ago.

Coincidentally, this record event commemorates the 20th anniversary of Em’s “The Slim Shady LP”, it’s the album that broke Marshall with all his alter-egos to the people.

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