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Kodak Black Isn’t Worried To Take His Shot At Nicki Minaj & Young M.A.

Kodak Black Isn't Worried To Take His Shot At Nicki Minaj & Young M.A.

Kodak Black Takes His Shot At Female Artistes Nicki Minaj & Young M.A.

The American rapper and song writer by name Kodak Black is sure not worried to try out his chances on hiphop female artistes.

The debut rapper aint even on a chill zone.

Kodak Black is another artiste with a notable social media presence, and of-course he always tries to keep his fans occupied.

We might also add that the emcee is obviously very talented and knows his way around making his fans laugh out some worries in a bit, making him a very hilarious character.

His tricks has been between viral dance moves and his controversial Instagram Live sessions, and he has been known to have previuosly used his Social media handle to try out on female artistes in the hiphop world.

At first it was at Cardi B’s sister Hennessy, apparently stuff didnt work out as he planned, but his hopes are still alive as he has two other women in mind who are known figures in the rap industry.

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Me & Bae @youngma 😍

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So far, it appears that the trending female artiste, Nicki Minaj and the young breakout Young M.A. are in a nice and working relationships, but our singer Black has got some other plans for the ladies probably, in case case the two rappers decide to part ways with their partners.

Some hours ago, Nicki Minaj released a photo where she’s with Young M.A., and it was titled “Me & Bae,” also the Oooouuu rapper followed up by sharing a heart-eye emoji via her instagram handle. ..

The photo got admirers talking and commenting, but Kodak Black decided to come bolder,  the rapper decided to slid in the comments and said’ “Both Of Y’all a Get It.”

So far, we speculate that his reply on the photo has not gotten to the notice of either Young M.A. or Nicki Minaj, when ever they do and say something back, we will have you updates.

Not long ago, in a quite related news Kodak Black revealed his forthcoming tour “Dying To Live” and he said it’s gonna start off next month on March 14th in New Orleans. If you’re interested in the dates, you can find it here. 

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