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Lil Pump & Lil Skies Announces Upcoming Tour Dates

Lil Pump & Lil Skies Announces Upcoming Tour Dates

Lil Pump & Lil Skies Announces Upcoming Tour Dates

Just the previous day being 26th, there was reports circulating and claiming that the hiphop rapper, and song writer Lil Pump made an announcement that he is going to deliver a commencement speech at a prominent University named Harvard University.

This report was made public by his record label, and the rapper is currently being hyped as the youngest commencement speaker in the history of the school. Apparently, that would be a very great achievement for the young rapper.

Lil Pump is without doubt a successful young singer and even though his empire cannot be reproduced by just any one, he clearly has some understanding, deep in that brain of his to share with Harvard’s most respected! Right?

We really need to give Pump the benefit of doubt, I think . This is the second day in a row, Lil Pump has made a very huge announcement, this time sharing a few tour dates with his friend, Lil Skies for this 2019.

Lil Skies like we already know, recently came off of a very successful tour and it’s obvious he is about to jump back on the road, he is meant to follow Lil Pump for a collaborative work this coming spring.

According an online news report from Complex, the duo is supposed to be debuting seventeen shows across the entirety of the United States, it’s in Lil Pump’s interest to educate the people. The tour is expected to start off on April 19 right from Seattle.

The barely 18-year-old rapper, sometimes obviously doesn’t take himself very seriously. He’s aware that the masses think he’s joking and he is taking it to the next level with his still ongoing Pump University series. The first episode premiered today, which you can watch below.

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