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Lil Wayne Reportedly Pays $14 Million Tax Debt

Lil Wayne Reportedly Pays $14 Million Tax Debt - Musiccargo

Lil Wayne Finally Pays Off $14 Million Tax Debt

Dwayne Michael Carter who is commonly known Lil Wayne was born in September 27, 1982, Wayne, is a very talented American rapper, producer, singer, and also an actor.

The Lousiana singer Weezy has for some years now gotten the attention of the public and he has once been noted to be the best rapper alive, that has been serving him well so far.

He recently released his last album named Tha Carter v, officially dropped in September 2018, after he won a long legal battle with his former record label Cash Money.

It’s apparent the rapper still has some other troubles to square, it’s been reported that or years now the rapper has been having problems with Uncle Sam because of his unpaid taxes, and that has made him in the time past to be hit with tax liens.

In 2011, February to be specific,  Wayne coughed up $1.13 million tax lien, it didn’t end there as he was later same year hit with a new lien, which amounted to $5.6 million. A year later, Wayne still dropped $7 million to IRS after they have on several occasions reached out to him, fast forward to 4 years later. reportes had it that he owed an amount of $900,000.

An average person or thinker may suggest that in order to make up and be clear from further government debts, a person may need to employ a new accountant, but that didnt go well for Lil Wayne as he again in 2017 had more financial troubles.

Reports from an online news agency, The Blast, stated that the singer again was hit with tax liens, as it was reported that he didnt pay the $7,341,399.07 in 2011 and neither did he pay $6,853,545.77 back in 2012, summing it up to a total of $14,194,944.84.

Some months back, as Lil Wayne was in a live performance in Chicago, he had a vulnerable time when he revealed an update with the audience. He decided to cop out a moment to appreciate his long time friend, Jay Z, he claimed that he business mogul slash musician has been more than a friend or a musical collaborator, but as a supporter who has helped him monetarily.

Wayne said; “There’s people like Jay Z. He helped me when I was really, really, really down. Really, really, really down,” Wayne contined in his statement. “Jay don’t want me to tell nobody. That man helped me with my taxes. He’s a real friend, y’all.” At last our Greatest Of All Time rapper is free of tax liens.

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