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Offset Officially Announces Father Of 4 Album In New Teaser

Offset’s New Album “Father Of 4” Coming This Night, Stream Album Soon on iTunes (updated: Album currently on iTunes)

We have been waiting patiently for the Migos Album for a long time now. Before the coming of Culture III, the three members are expected to drop an independent body of work.

Already, Quavo and Takeoff had released their work last year ending and it remained Offset, he promised to come through by December but the album didn’t happen.

For weeks now, the talented rapper had been talking about his album and it’s possible it’s gonna come through on his birthday.

Because of his differences with Cardi B, the album got a little more delayed, and guess work, the two are back together and has been working hard on his new project.

Finally, it’s confirmed that  Father Of 4 will be released today, but at midnight, (and the album is available on iTunes).

No strong news about the album has actually surfaced, no tracklist, featured artistes and artwork, but what we do know is that the album is coming this night.

The rapper and husband some minutes ago posted a video on his Instagram, announcing the album’s official titled, and said t’s “on the way.”

His last single, “Red Room” was received quite well by Offset’s followers and the whole work has been teased by his wife Cardi B.

Stay tuned to cop Father Of 4 and be assured to download the full album on iTunes.

Updated: Download Father Of 4 album currently on iTunes

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