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Song Video: Jumex – Loner

Song Video: Jumex - Loner Mp3 & Mp4 Download

Download And Watch The Music Video Of Jumex Named Loner Mp4

We have a new song video from a young rapper, Jumex.

Jumex is currently a song writer and performer. His biological name is Mark, ie his Family name, the young emcee is just is an 18-year-old rapper in the hiphop genre, the only and one Oly Sikes, Bring Me The Horizon’s artiste.

Not long ago, Jumex released the official music video for his track Trapped, and today he has graced us with yest another brand new music video.

The new video is named Loner and according to the rapper, the first sentence from the song was from the famous hiphop artist iLoveMakonnen.

The song lyrics started thus; “Who would’ve thought in my loneliness

Jumex affirmed to this when the news came up, he said it was iLoveMakonnen, that the “Tuesday” song crooner is a huge inspiration for him, the statement came while he was playing Fortnite on Twitch.

Download Loner On iTunesor stream video on Youtube.

Check out the official song lyrics below.

“[Intro: Jumex & iLoveMakonnen ]
Who would’ve thought in my loneliness

You could be mad ’cause, baby I’m a loner yeah
You could be sad, baby I’m a loner yeah
You could be mad, ’cause baby I’m a loner yeah
You could be sad, (Skrrt) cause baby I’m a loner yeah
You could be mad, ’cause baby I’m a loner yeah

[Verse 1]
We fall fast, we smoke gas
Staying with the fear, tryna keep it on the tracks
Cop come, I dash, back I relapse
Try to survive the night where the fuck I am, yeah
Two bars in my mouth looking like a slushy
You always wanna chill, but you love me for my money
I don’t really know her, but she really loves me
Baby I’m a stoner, you ain’t getting nothing”

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