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Song Video: YNW Melly – Mama Cry

Stream The Music Video Of YNW Melly’s Mama Cry, Download Mp4

We will say that the “Mama Cry” song video by YNW Melly starts immediately the dread started to creep in.

You might have already listened to it, YNW Melly with his friend or maybe brother YNW Bortlen have been said to have orchestrated the killing of two constituents in their area in a drive-by.

We hardly could believe it but still, under this hard condition and circumstance, the young rappers, of YNW camp is still making up good contents.

On the new Mama Cry song video, you can see Melly quite visibly as he wears sweater maybe to probably remember his breakout hit track, “Mixed Personalities“, he was seen getting into the court house after bidding his loved one a hearty goodbye.

The video just gets more intense from there on…..

On the video, a woman could be seen, playing the role of a mother, and she was just clutching the studio portraits of his son while in his grade school, as she was doing so, flashes of memories began to creep in, the rapper’s past, regrets and also bittersweet repose made up for the ears of Melly’s mother.

About 3 days back, YNW Melly, it came to the notice of the young emcee that his fate is just rested on the shoulders of a nice alibi defense, the presiding judge ruled out bond for both him and YNW Bortlen.

The young 19-year old sensation right to his ears in emotional debt, primarily to his mother: the contention of many a good Samaritan.

Stream and download the music video of YNW Melly’s Mama Cry, on Youtube and buy the mp3 version on iTunes.

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